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ConRad Thermal Blankets

General Use | Thermal Blanket

General Use | Thermal Blanket

Stop Heat Loss in the OR and Imaging

Designed for surgery, dental, endoscopy, X-Ray & CT imaging, and post-op recovery.

Clinically proven effective solution to patient heat loss.

Acts as a barrier to all 3 mechanisms of Heat Loss:

  • Conductive
  • Convective
  • Radiant

*Also sold as a complete set: ConRad General Use Complete Set

*See also the MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blanket for MRI use: ConRad MRI-Safe Thermal Blanket

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      Product Features

      • Maintain normothermia in surgical, dental, endoscopic, and imaging (X-ray, CT) procedures
      • Clinically effective when used as designed
      • Shorter anesthesia recovery times
      • Adjunct to active warming
      • Simple to use
      • Small, Medium and Large sizes
      • Tested for thermal resistance to be equivalent to an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit – See Technical Details

      Sizing Guide

      • Small (20" x 28") - Cats and small dogs
      • Medium (24" x 34") - Medium dogs, large dogs
      • Large (28" x 41") - Large dogs, goats, sheep

      Technical Details

      ASTM Testing for General Use ConRad® Thermal Blanket

      Each of the three components of the ConRad Thermal Blanket, the fluid impermeable outer shell, the inner radiant barrier (ASTM C1317) and the inner fibrous insulating layer, have undergone individual specifications testing. The thermal retention blanket as a whole has undergone rigorous ASTM testing as well (ASTM D1518).




      Step 1

      Place the patient on a solid surface warming pad and covered with the ConRad Thermal Blanket during the induction of anesthesia.

      Step 2

      Keep the patient on the warming pad and covered with the ConRad Thermal Blanket as much as possible while prepping and applying patient monitors.

      Step 3

      Keep the patient covered with the ConRad Thermal Blanket when moving the patient to the procedure table.

      Step 4

      Make certain that an insulating layer, such as a regular blanket or another ConRad Thermal Blanket, is underneath and between the patient and the underlying surface. Place the ConRad Thermal Blanket so that the side labeled PATIENT SIDE is next to the patient.

      Step 5

      Once positioned, make certain that the ConRad Thermal Blanket drapes around the patient as close as possible.

      Step 6

      The ConRad Thermal Blanket may be cleaned with soap and water or a germicidal solution.

      Step 7

      The ConRad Thermal Blankets may be used with other patient warming systems such as forced air, electrical and water warming systems.


      How do ConRad Thermal Blankets to maintain a patient’s body temperature?

      The ConRad Thermal Blanket’s internal components provide a barrier to the 3 mechanisms of heat loss; Convection, Conduction and Radiation. The internal components reflect any heat presented to it back to the patient and insulate the patient from heat loss. It has the CLO Value of an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit. (See Technical Details for Vartest Results)

      Do the ConRad Thermal Blankets have electrical components?

      No. That is what makes them so easy to use.

      Are the ConRad Thermal Blankets durable?

      Yes. They are made of the same material that is used for US Navy gunnery target balloons.

      How do I clean the ConRad Thermal Blankets?

      They can be cleaned with soap and water or the germicidal spray that use for your OR table.

      How do I use the General Use – ConRad Thermal Blankets?

      The General Use – ConRad Thermal Blankets which are used for surgery, dentistry and imaging are draped over that portion of the animal that is not part of the procedure or part of the sterile field. It is also recommended that a General Use – ConRad Thermal Blanket be placed under the patient as well to prevent heat loss to the underlying surface.

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