ConRad Thermal Blanket: Improving MRI Experiences for Pets

ConRad Thermal Blanket: Improving MRI Experiences for Pets

If your pet is scheduled for an MRI examination, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the purpose and benefits of using a heated blanket during the procedure. Unlike regular blankets, the ConRad Thermal Blanket is specifically designed for MRI safety and functionality. In this article, we will delve into the details of the ConRad Thermal Blanket and address common queries related to its use.

What is the ConRad Thermal Blanket?

The ConRad Thermal Blanket is a specialized heated blanket safe for MRI examinations. Crafted from soft and comfortable materials, it offers insulation to help maintain your pet's body temperature throughout the procedure. Moreover, the blanket's radiolucent nature ensures it does not interfere with the MRI imaging process, enabling clear and accurate diagnostic results. It is designed to be compatible with the strong magnetic fields present in MRI machines.

Preventing Heat Loss: The Primary Function of a Thermal Blanket

One of the key reasons for using thermal blankets during an MRI is to prevent heat loss during medical procedures. The ConRad Thermal Blanket is engineered to address this concern effectively. It incorporates several mechanisms to provide insulation and minimize heat loss:

1. Insulating Materials:

The ConRad Thermal Blanket is made from materials with exceptional insulating properties. These materials trap and retain the body heat generated by your pet, reducing heat loss to the surrounding environment.

2. Close-Fitting Design:

The blankets are designed to fit snugly around your pet's body, creating a barrier between your pet and the cooler MRI room. This design minimizes heat loss through convection and ensures that the warmth generated by your pet's body is contained within the blanket.

3. Radiolucent and Non-Conductive Materials:

Constructed from radiolucent materials, ConRad blankets do not interfere with MRI imaging. Additionally, these materials are non-conductive, meaning they do not readily transfer heat to the surrounding environment. This further helps maintain your pet's body temperature within the blanket.

4. Thermal Stability:

The ConRad Thermal Blanket maintains a stable temperature, preventing rapid heat loss and ensuring a comfortable and consistent thermal environment for your pet during the MRI procedure. By minimizing heat loss and providing warmth and comfort throughout the examination, the ConRad Thermal Blanket combines these features to benefit your pet.

Additional Benefits of the ConRad Thermal Blanket:

Apart from heat retention and safety, ConRad thermal blankets offer several other benefits specifically tailored for MRI examinations:

1. Patient Comfort:

The ConRad Thermal Blankets offer your pet comfort during the procedure with soft and comfortable materials. They provide a cozy and warm environment, promoting relaxation.

2. Reducing Anxiety and Stress:

Heating pads have been shown to help alleviate anxiety and stress in animals. By providing a warm and comfortable place to relax, the ConRad Thermal Blanket can help ease your pet's anxiety or stress caused by the new environment or veterinary procedures.

3. Safety Compliance:

MRI-SAFE thermal blankets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for use in the strong magnetic fields of MRI machines. The manufacturers use non-magnetic materials to make these blankets, avoiding metallic components or substances that can cause artifacts or pose risks to your pet or the MRI equipment.

4. Easy Cleaning:

Cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards with the ConRad thermal blankets is easy. You can machine wash and reuse them after proper cleaning, ensuring each patient's clean and sanitary environment.

It is worth noting that different brands and models of MRI-SAFE thermal blankets may offer specific features and benefits. Therefore, consult the manufacturer or your veterinary facility for detailed information on ConRad Thermal.

Premium quality MRI-SAFE | ConRad Thermal Blanket

Blanket or any other brand you are considering. Your veterinary facility will typically provide these blankets or make arrangements to ensure a stress-free and safe experience for your pet during the MRI procedure.

However, if you are interested in buying one yourself, VetOrSolutions offers a premium quality range of thermal blankets. Our MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blanket has the following features:

- Specifically designed for MRI examinations

- No MRI signal loss

- No RF interference

- Proven to be MRI Safe by an International MRI testing laboratory

- Proven effective by clinical studies

- Clinically effective when used as designed

- Shorter anesthesia recovery times

- Simple to use

- Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes

- Tested for thermal resistance equivalent to an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit.


In conclusion, MRI-SAFE ConRad Thermal Blankets provide comfort, heat retention, safety, and compatibility during MRI examinations. These blankets contribute to a stress-free experience for your pet and assist in obtaining accurate diagnostic images. We understand that many people may have misconceptions about using thermal Blankets; however, we hope this article will address your concerns.

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